Commission Terms of Service

The following represent the standard terms of service for private commissions. Projects requiring signed contracts may have a more individualized terms of service section.

  1. Client (you) acknowledges that Illustrator (Amanda Kadatz AKA “Weremagnus”) is first and sole owner of all “copyright” and shall retain intellectual rights of all illustration(s), concept art, and painting(s).
  2. Illustrator is entitled to use all illustrations, concept art, and paintings for self-promotion purposes or to enter into any contest.
  3. Reassigning of Rights: Client may not assign or transfer this License or any part thereof unless authorized in writing by Illustrator.
  4. Usage: Unlimited personal rights. The client may make modifications without direct consent from the Illustrator so long as the modifications are for personal uses, including (but not limited to) profile icons, web banners and forum signatures. Any modifications made for professional use must receive consent from the Illustrator before made.
  5. Payment: Half of the full quoted payment is required after preliminary sketches have been approved by the Client. Client agrees to cover the processing fees if paying through PayPal. Final payment is due within thirty (30) days of the project’s completion.
  6. Currency: All commission quotes are in Canadian dollars. Clients must provide payment in Canadian currency.
  7. Projects over $500 will require a signed contract of these terms and agreements.
  8. Upon payment in full of all fees, the Illustrator shall provide the client high resolution scans and digital files of the illustration(s), concept art or painting(s). High resolution copies of preliminary sketches, roughs, thumbnails, etc are available by request. Originals will remain with the Illustrator unless otherwise requested.
  9. Content: The Illustrator reserves the right to decline any request. Outright, the Illustrator will not draw offensive, hateful, exploitative or pornographic content.
  10. Cancellation: Should Client choose to cancel work after commencement, Client agrees to pay Illustrator 25% of the final fees if the cancellation occurs after sketches; 50% of the final fee if cancellation occurs after revised line-arts; and 100% of the final fee if cancellation occurs after final art.
  11. Credit: Client agrees to include a credit to Illustrator in connection with the Work.
  12. Delivery: The Illustrator shall use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the artwork to the Client by: A) a reasonable time (less than 6 months); B) a date agree between Client and Illustrator; and shall notify the Client of any anticipated delay at the first opportunity in which case the Client may (unless the delay is the fault of the Client) cancel the commission without payment in the event of the Illustrator failing to meet the agreed date.
  13. Entire Understanding: Agreeing to these terms constitutes the sole agreement between the Illustrator and the Client regarding the project in question. It becomes effective only when the Client has agreed to these terms and the Illustrator has accepted the project. Both parties warrant that they have read and understand the terms set forth in this agreement. Both parties ascertain that they will make a good faith effort to abide by the terms set forth herein.
  14. Terms become effective upon the commencement of this project. The Illustrator agrees to inform the Client when the project is moved from the Queue and into the production line, It will be retroactively cancelled if the Client is in default of carrying out the complete payment of the invoice in the 30 days of receipt.