Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Intro Cutscene

One of my first projects as Art Lead on Legacy of the Beast was creating the a new story-focused introduction cutscene for new installs. In tandem with updating the game’s first time user experience, the goal with this new animatic was to unite the story with the moment players enter gameplay.
You can view the final animatic when you download and play the game: https://ironmaidenlegacy.com/

In an eternal battle across the cosmos, Eddie the Head is ambushed by a cosmic entity known only as The Unmaker. Overpowered, Eddie’s soul is shattered to pieces and the shards of himself are sent rocketing through space and time. Players follow what remains of Eddie on his descent into Wickerman Isle. The mysterious Clairvoyant comes to Eddie’s aid as the dangers of this strange land emerge to attack.

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  • Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast
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