Amanda Kadatz

Concept Artist • Visual Developer • Illustrator

BC, Canada



An energetic Senior 2D Artist with over 9 years’ experience in game design, including 3 years in a leadership role, and specializing in environments, creatures and characters. Collaborates with designers and artists to develop shared ideation and create 2D art concepts, leveraging an analytical eye to provide thoughtful insights. Recognized for agility and willingness to iterate, delivering fresh ideas on demand. Thrives in a studio ecosystem where team work and collaboration are required to bring concept to fruition.



Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design



Prop Design

Software Proficiency








VIDEO GAME: Blush Blush

YEAR: 2019

ROLE: Illustrator

COMPANY: Sad Panda Studios

VIDEO GAME: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

YEAR: 2016

ROLE: Art Lead

COMPANY: Navigator Games

VIDEO GAME: Club Penguin Island

YEAR: 2017

ROLE: Senior Artist

COMPANY: Disney Interactive

VIDEO GAME: Club Penguin

YEAR: 2005

ROLE: Flash Environment Illustrator

COMPANY: Disney Interactive


Part-time Illustrator at Sad Panda Studios

July 2020 – Present

Creates a variety of 2D art including illustrations, concept art, mockups, final 2D art for game assets, character designs and storyboarding. Maintains the alignment of brand and style guides in partnership with art director.

Art Lead at Navigator Games

January 2019 – May 2020

Provided feedback and direction to a multi-discipline team of artists. Maintains timelines and product alignment with other department leaders. Communicates with outsource studios for 2D and 3D asset creation. Upholds brand integrity through collaboration with IP partners. Creates concept art, feature mockups, final 2D art assets, UI assets and illustrations for Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast.

Senior Artist at Disney Interactive

December 2016 – October 2018

Recognized for preserving visual style/brand integrity. Developed original games as a visual collaborator bring concept to design prototypes. Created concept art, mockups, final 2D art assets, world art designs, characters, props, icons, background paintings, textures, UI art assets and game design storyboarding. Maintains the alignment of prototype designs in partnership with art director.

2D Artist at Disney Interactive

February 2012 – December 2016

Part of a small team where several playable prototypes were developed, content was adapted into a final funded game. Provided 2D concept art and completed 2D illustrations for interactive environments for use in the online children’s game Club Penguin. Asset responsibilities include interactive background art for monthly release content completed in Adobe Flash, prop, terrain and building concepts for translation into 3D assets.